39 - What is a warden?
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39 - What is a warden?

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The little guardian Xiao Yao felt that he was about to become a firework in the sky. How could his crush be so stimulating?

Xiao Yao, who had overheated his CPU, had barely calmed down by the time he’d stabilised his stiff facial expression, and a sane doubt came out of his mind, "Bai’ge, are you sure you know what a ward means?"

Baiju was stunned. He was just about to say that he knew, and then reflected on his language level, and shook his head hesitantly.

Xiao Yao hesitated to speak but stopped.

Old white dog picked up his phone with a guilty conscience.

Xiao Yao couldn't help holding out his hand to hold Baiju's wrist and shake his head, "You don't need to check it out... you're right, a ward can indeed be regarded as a family member."

Baiju was still a little hesitant, he always felt that there was something he was missing in Xiao Yao's smile.
Considering that his little ward had never really misled him, Baiju hesitated for a moment, then took his hand out of his pocket, and reluctantly nodded, "Mm..."
Then he rolled his wrists extremely smoothly, and held Xiao Yao's hand.

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao pulled on his hand, but it didn't pull away, so he had to default to holding hands with his old white dog, so that he wouldn’t slip.

Baiju took Xiao Yao and reached out to touch Xiao Yao’s hat, the lollies that were thrown from the float could be saved in his pocket, and the flowers could also be eaten. The flowers with the stamens removed were fresh and tender, the fragrance was sweet, and there was plenty of nectar inside.
This may also have been a result of growing Guihe Island. The flowers that were grown there had small amounts of spiritual power, which was a good snack for the old dog. Xiao Yao had eaten two or three of them and had enough, so he left the leftover flowers in the hat and hung it on the white old dog's neck to let him eat while walking. Then he picked up some of the lollies and peeled a piece for himself.

Now that he had received the gold coins, Baiju didn't try to push through the crowds. Instead, he wandered leisurely and walked slowly with Xiao Yao holding hands, allowing other tourists to gradually squeeze them to the back.

The two of them had good luck. The parade of floats they witnessed was of the larger scale. There were 28 vehicles alone, not to mention the featured actors who walked between the vehicles and the displays and performances near the rear were still quite varied and wonderful.

"Hey, Yao Yao, look at that." Baiju slowly looked over every float, then stopped at the third-to-last float and poked Xiao Yao.

Xiao Yao didn't pay much attention, but he turned his head to look where Baiju gestured.
After all, although the floats were wonderful, aside from the traditional performances of Guihe Island at the front of the parade, the things at the rear could be seen on any modern variety show, so Xiao Yao wasn’t very interested. Baiju had pointed to a float with a big drum in the centre, and a white-robed monk was dancing with a sword on the drum.

"It looks like a Taichi sword form." Xiao Yao carefully identified it, and then his expression became a little surprised, "This movement...is he a Taoist?" Although he couldn't tell which school he was from, the swordsmanship was unmistakable. It had an aura to it, in simple terms, he was a very talented monk.

"Not a Taoist." Baiju shook his head, then grabbed a flower and threw it in his mouth. After following the parade, he’d picked up a lot of flowers as snacks, "He doesn't have a religious thread on his body, so he shouldn’t be a believer. He may be on the wild path, and could have already started to cultivate, but his core is empty."

Listening to Baiju's analysis, Xiao Yao also felt it was a little strange, "Already started to cultivate, the body's breathing should have become an instinct, but there shouldn't be any spiritual energy in his body."

Baiju smiled, and rubbed Xiao Yao's head, "He has a familiar smell."

Xiao Yao was taken aback, wondering what the old dog had discovered, "What smell?"

Baiju looked at the sword-dancing young man, and said carefully, "Ah...the smell of inferior talisman paper and trashy cinnabar, and a little ink; it is the same smell as those talisman papers on Sun Daiyang."

Xiao Yao was a little surprised, and quickly pulled Baiju to a stop, and whispered, "Are you sure? Could it be that Sun Daiyang asked this man for the talisman paper he bought?"

Baiju touched his nose and lowered his voice, "It's just possible...this person’s aura has some clarity to it. He doesn’t have many merits, but in the least he isn’t a sinister individual. If he just sold talismans, perhaps. It's just a means of making a living, maybe he didn't even know that his talismans had fallen into Sun Daiyang's hands."

Xiao Yao didn't completely agree, "But Sun Daiyang clearly knew that his talismans came from Guihe Island; and now practitioners value cause and effect even more than before, and wouldn’t just sell their wares to people who didn’t know what it was. Otherwise, if they get into trouble, it will be traced back to them."
Additionally, under normal circumstances, tickets for Guihe Island needed to be booked three months or more in advance. Sun Daiyang could only get tickets for the coming week, obviously there were many things in the way, if didn’t have a clear goal, he wouldn’t be so eager to come.

Baiju, "..."
Baiju blinked, and followed the sword-dancing Taoist man in white for a few metres, "What if he sold them on the Internet...just a few talismans won't be able to cause any major problems even if they went against heaven."

Xiao Yao choked, feeling this excuse was quite reasonable.

Baiju thought about the timeline of the entire incident, and found it a little strange, "This person didn’t land on the same island as us, I never smelled him on the plane. The last batch of people who landed on the island was a week before, that is to say, if this person came into direct contact with Sun Daiyang, he would have just stepped out long enough to sell the talismans and then slipped back to the island immediately afterwards. There would be no time for him to inquire about Sun Daiyang's situation."

If this Taoist conspired the several other incidents and cheated Sun Daiyang, then the merits and aura on his body wouldn’t match that of the performer on the float. This monk was like  finding a completely blind cat following the death of a mouse, it was unclear whether he didn't know why Sun Daiyang bought the talismans, or whether he even left the island during the whole series of events.

Xiao Yao followed Baiju's statement for a while and frowned, "...No, you've misunderstood the conditions of entry."

After pulling on the hand of the old white dog, Xiao Yao saw that the Taoist had gone a long distance away with the float, so he quickly took a few steps to catch up. He explained to the old white dog, "Most people do land on the island in one batch a week. But there are three kinds of people who do not. One is the specially invited actors, who are given an appointment in advance to board the island, and are staggered with the arrival of the tourists. The second is shipping company staff who enter and exit at the East Peninsula wharf and can land on the island at any time. The third type is a person or a demon who has a certificate of residence on Guihe Island."

Xiao Yao made a list, and then said, "This person has at least met the first category, and may also meet the third category. In this case, no matter when he left the island, it can explain why he appeared back on Guihe Island so quickly...At the same time, it also increased the possibility that he would sell talismans to Sun Daiyang."

The old white dog listened in a daze, Xiao Yao went around explaining a lot of inside information to him, but he only understood the last sentence, so he nodded vaguely, "Oh...then I will leave a mark on him, if we need we can find him."

Xiao Yao was still thinking about the incident very seriously, and he couldn't help but laugh when he heard his words, "That's right...we're here on holiday, so we don't need to bother him for now."

Anyway, according to their judgment, this person wasn't malicious. As such, no matter what his purpose or what he did, he wouldn’t make things worse, and they didn’t need to rush. Conversely, they should pretend that nothing happened and wait for Sun Daiyang to land on the island a week later and go straight to the bait.

Baiju lowered his head slightly. Looking at Xiao Yao's profile, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but raise, and he responded quietly, "Yeah." Holidaying...

The old white dog didn't continue to speak, just moved his fingertips, and the colourful lights that swayed along with the convoy became more active, floating among the performers, and in moments, five or six of the lights gathered and moved under the skin of the monk in white.

Following the parade for more than 20 minutes, the two watched the shows they were interested in. They already had two gold coins in hand, so they didn't continue to follow along the same path and instead they found the finish point which had a service kiosk where they gave away the extra gold coin.

For some unspeakable reason, the night shows on Guihe Island didn't take up much of the night, so the bonfire party was actually arranged from 7 to 9 in the evening of the next day. This was also for the parade of floats to have enough time to distribute all of the coins.

Throughout the entire parade, the total number of gold coins thrown out ranged from fifty to sixty. Under normal circumstances, no one would receive more than one gold coin, and even if they did, they would probably rather keep the gold coin as a souvenir. Although the gold coin could be put up at the service booth for resale or even auctioned off according to regulations, few people actually sold any gold coins.

The old white dog followed Xiao Yao out of the kiosk, a little depressed. He still couldn't figure out why the transaction price of gold coins ranged from a reserve price of 500 to a high price of 100,000.

Xiao Yao looked at the old dog, who was shocked by the fact that he could earn extra money, but he might not earn much. He laughed and raised his hand to pet the dog’s head, "The kiosk didn't lie to you, it's true."

"Although the bonfire party on Guihe Island is famous, the content of the event is not special, and it isn’t expensive to run. The main event is the bonfire dance and a special barbecue. It’s nothing very attractive for frequent travelers. This event is famous, mostly for the gimmick of the Guigu Island gold coin itself and the floats."

Uncovering the mystery of the bonfire party did cause visitors who hadn’t received a gold coin to become curious and want to buy a gold coin, or they may just use the gold coins as souvenirs.

Those who were really willing to pay a high price for a gold coin either had obsessive-compulsive disorder for the integrity of travel, or they knew the real benefits that this bonfire party could bring to people.

Just like the flowers sprinkled by the flower float, the raw materials used as ingredients for special activities on Guihe Island contained more spiritual power than the flowers. Although it wasn’t enough for people to gain enlightenment, the spiritual power was enough to benefit a person's health. Delaying aging or improving complexion were secondary, more importantly, it could give people who were terminally ill some respite, increase the possibility of a cure, or allow a dying person to last for another ten and a half days to increase opportunities or being saved.

"...people who travel to Guihe Island don’t lack money, but there’s a big difference between knowing the inside information and not knowing the inside information." Xiao Yao explained the inside information to the old dog, and finally concluded, "Actually, for those who really understand, spending hundreds of thousands on a gold coin is a big profit. You should know that if they asked me to use my magic and achieve the same effect, they would be adding one or two more zeros."

Old white dog, "..."
After calculating how much money his little ward could earn, the old white dog was instantly desolate, "Yao Yao, I'm so poor."

Xiao Yao, "..."
Xiao Yao turned around, pressed the white old dog's head down and kissed his forehead, then rubbed his hair, satisfied, "Indeed, your ward will support you."

That night, after waiting for Xiao Yao to fall asleep, Baiju sat on the side of the bed, watched the sleeping face of his little guardian for a long time, then took out his mobile phone hesitantly.

Unlock, browser, search.

"What is a ward?"

The author has something to say:
White old dog: father, mother, grandfather, grandmother…………【Stunned dog.jpg】

I'd like to give some cool or heart-wrenching excuse as to why this chapter is five days after the last, but the reality is this: A new siren class come out in BDO.

Also, from here on I'll be changing the word 'ward' to 'warden'/'guardian' since that is actually what he is. If you don't recall I was using 'ward' because in Chinese the words meaning is a little more ambiguous on whether you're a guard-er or a guard-ee...well, at least to someone who has never heard the word before, like Baiju.

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