03 - A walking human sleeping pill
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03 - A walking human sleeping pill

The boy didn't expect that she would refuse, and was stunned. He insisted, "You don't need to be polite, xuémèi."


Lin Mian also insisted, "I really don't need it anymore. I’ll just find a place to sle——ah, watch the class."

Don't joke with her, she still hadn't finished writing the 20,000 word review. If Que Qingyan found out that she was sleeping in his class again, and in the third row, she didn’t know what would happen to Xu Xiaotong’s grades for this class.

The class was already full of students, and at a glance, there were basically no empty seats in the lecture theatre. Lin Mian's gaze swept around the last row and finally found that there was only one seat that was still vacant. She was about to walk over when in the next second it was occupied by a girl with a SLR camera.

The SLR girl took out a mini tripod from her bag, skillfully manipulated the angle of the camera, focused and adjusted the lens in one go, and finally put up a textbook for International Economic Law on the table, which not only blocked the conspicuous part of the camera, but also cleverly exposed only a little bit of the camera.

Lin Mian, “......”

She finally knew how the high-definition, dead-angle photos of Professor Que on the K University forum were taken.

This time there really were no seats left.

She could sleep on the floor, sleep sitting or sleep standing.

Lin Mian weighed her options, thought for a second, then turned and moved to the seat that the little boy had reserved for her before, and sat, "Thank you, xuézhǎng."

"You're welcome." The boy put down the mànhuà in his hand and smiled embarrassedly. "Last time I caused you to be lectured by the professor. So I reserved a seat for you this time as an apology."

Approaching the beginning of class, the boy closed his mànhuà, revealing the illustrated cover. Before he put it away, Lin Mian took one more look, but suddenly felt something was wrong, so she took another sneak look.

This fancy cover...

This pose against the corner of the wall...

This very familiar art style...

Was that her mànhuà? ?

She still remembered that it was one of the more popular shàonǚ romance mànhuà she had serialised. Two months ago, the sixth paperback book of the series was released. In order to cater to the publication of the book, Lin Mian and Fang Xuxu took a week drawing and colouring pages of the male and female protagonists in a small bonus skit as an Easter Egg for the published mànhuà. Then she was forced to sign five thousand copies of a hardcover edition.

The sales volume of the first book exceeded the printed run three times in the first month, breaking half a million. After that the printed mànhuà added a sentence in bold red font on the cover of the novel: Mu Mian-laoshi, a popular teen mànhuà artist, stirred the restless hearts of thousands of young girls!

...stirred the restless hearts of thousands of young girls. Lin Mian had been silent for three seconds after receiving the sample sent by the editor, then she’d turned her head and stuffed it into the depths of her bookcase.

Now even the boys in college...

Lin Mian's heart turned back and forth, her eyes moved between the book all the way back to the boy, and she hesitated to speak.

The boy noticed Lin Mian’s inexhaustible gaze, reacted, and quickly explained, “No, no, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like to read these kinds of girly comics.”

Lin Mian had a look of ‘I totally understand’, "It's okay, xuézhǎng."

The boy knew she didn't believe him, so he turned to the cover to show her, "I just like this author, so I wanted to see her recent works."

Lin Mian was stunned for a moment, "Huh?"

"Mu Mian, this mànhuà  author." The boy saw her at a loss and enthusiastically filled her in. "She used to draw horror comics online before. She’s super talented and draws really well, but it was a pity that she never finished it. For some reason she started to draw shàonǚ mànhuà two years ago, and never went back to her old works."

"I just wanted to see what she was drawing now," the boy looked regretful, "I don't know why she didn't continue with horror, it was obviously very good."

Lin Mian listened to him in silence before replying, "I think, maybe it’s because shàonǚ mànhuà is more popular and more profitable..."

The boy dismissed it, "How could she be such a superficial person."

"..." the superficial person, "Oh."

When she was still in university, Lin Mian did draw horror on a mànhuà website. She liked to watch and read horror and suspense films and books so she just drew mànhuà with similar themes with a playful attitude. Although the readers responded well, the audience was very small, and drawing only horror didn’t make much money.

But that was a long time ago, she never expected anyone to still remember it.

It was nice to be young.

With her clear and youthful face, Lin Mian sighed with vicissitudes of life in her heart, and intricately reflected on herself for three seconds, starting a deep moment of introspection. At that moment, the small theatre in her mind had already lit an imaginary cigarette.

While she was still thinking, a silence fell over the agitated voices around her. She raised her eyes to look. Que Qingyan was facing his lecture assistant and they walked into the theatre while talking.

Line Man's thoughts shifted, and she wasn’t willing to look away.

Too conspicuous.

He walked with the young teaching assistant. They were obviously not much different in age, but they were set apart in temperament.

Que Qingyan's life history so far was something she could recite backwards.

He was always outstanding. There were so many second-generation officials in B city who were at the top but had no brilliance or skill, so when the gossipy wives talked about them in private over afternoon tea, they treated them as jokes. It was only the young master of the Que family who was famously well regarded.

At that time Lin Mian was still in junior high school, and she occasionally followed her mother to listen to these afternoon tea chats. She heard that Young Master Que had already entered a prestigious university when he was still a high schooler, and after that he studied at a top university overseas for his Master's degree, and that he may even stay there to complete a  PhD.

She had known of him for a long time and did a lot of stupid things, finally ending with a written review.

But he didn't recognize her from so long ago.

Que Qingyan stepped onto the podium, nodded and turned over the lesson plan at his hand. He  only glanced at it before closing it again.

Lin Mian had never listened to his classes carefully, but had heard the students' evaluations of Professor Que's teaching. Without exception, they all praised and admired him, saying that his lectures were logical and clear, the legal cases were easy to understand and his memory was astounding.

Her thoughts returned to her miscellaneous musings on life from before, and she silently thought that it was fine to be a best-selling shàonǚ mànhuà artist. If she could save enough money drawing shàonǚ, then it was fine if she didn't draw horror mànhuà anymore.

She had an ambitious life goal.

She wanted to save enough money so she could take care of someone.

It was already class time. According to Lin Mian’s original plan, she should have been nestled in a small corner now and preparing to have a nap, but reality was cruel and unjust. She was still sitting in the first few rows, in the centre of the theatre.

Que Qingyan could see her with little effort. She said that she wouldn't dare to sleep under his nose again.

Lin Mian sat up obediently, spreading out her completely unused notebook.

With such a serious study pose, she gave herself five stars.

Lin Mian praised herself and reached one hand into her handbag without any expression. After reaching around for a while she still couldn’t find a pen, but a pink marker.

This was what she usually carried with her to draw when she felt inspired.


Lin Mian held the marker in her hand for a few seconds, then took it out calmly, and placed it next to her notebook.

She will pretend to take notes with the marker later, he shouldn’t notice...

After everything was ready and in place. Lin Mian held her face and listened attentively for a while.

Her posture was correct, but when she listened, she immediately became a little distracted.

With only two rows of seats ahead of her, Lin Mian could see Que Qingyan's every move from close range.

His shirt sleeves were rolled up, and the tendons along his forearms were fluent and distinct, and the fingers that tapped on the side of the table were clean and slender. His black eyes that sweep over the theatre were deep, and his manner of looking down between speaking made him appear abstinent but sexy. Every angle was like a male protagonist drawn in a romance mànhuà, the impact was deadly.

The only downside was...

Lin Mian pinched herself underneath the desk, to try and sober herself up.

The only downside was that his voice was too hypnotic for her.

A walking human sleeping pill.

Question: How was Professor Que's class?

Answer: Very good...


Lin Mian was too sleepy and regretted everything. She would rather stand at the back of the room to sleep than to sleep directly in front of him, seriously.

It used to be that when she was in a rush to finish her drawings she stayed up all night but never felt sleepy. Then she would have insomnia night after night, always waking up and never sleeping. Now when she heard his voice, all the sleepiness swept through her and she couldn't stop it.

Que Qingyan seemed to give her a look.

She was still sitting in the third row, like a hamster that couldn't move her nest. Her head drooped little by little, her watery apricot eyes half-closed and her face was full of sleepiness. She rubbed her eyes with difficulty.

Then Que Qingyan saw her rubbing her eyes again, then she blinked and stared at him.

She saw him looking at herself. Lin Mian's heart trembled, she was so sleepy that she almost cried. After weighing the pros and cons, she thought it would be better to acknowledge him.

So in the next second, Que Qingyan saw her lower her head and write something in her notebook. After a few minutes, she finally finished the work and put the notebook upright in front of her face, with the writing side facing him.

On the first page of the blank notebook, three clear words were written with a pink marker.

"Hello Professor Que."

Que Qingyan was still teaching, but his voice paused slightly.

She turned to another page.

The second page: "I'm sorry, but I'm really sleepy."

She turned to another page.

The third page: "Forgive me, I’ll write forty thousand words to review."

She turned the final page.

The fourth page: "I'm really sorry!!!"

This time there were three pink exclamation marks, and the guilt in her words was overwhelming.

Que Qingyan saw her eyes peeking up from behind the notebook, her eyes were wet, well-behaved and soft, and the tips of her ears were red.

After she finished showing him the four pages, Lin Mian closed the notebook and put the marker aside.

Then she raised her eyes guiltily at him, put her arms on the table, and slowly leaned over and lay down, shrinking into a ball.

...and began to sleep. 

The author wrote a silly theatre...but it's long...and I'm lazy...so I didn't translate it...forgive me. The jist is, Lin Mian making money to raise her hubby Que Qingyan but he already has a lot of money so he raises her instead and she, being a salted fish, accepts and waits on his bed like a mistress. It's here if you want to put it through Google yourself:



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