06 - So low-key it makes people curious
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06 - So low-key it makes people curious

The stewed soup in the kitchen was simmering in the pot, the aroma of corn and ribs curled up with the water vapor, and escaping steam was making a faint sound.

It had been half an hour since Lin Mian's last message. She stared at the silent chat box, pulled over a pillow on the sofa, and buried her face in it silently.

Que Qingyan left her on read again.

Lin Mian bit the corner of the pillow, annoyed, "Ah..."

…...I want to die! !

Did he block her already?

Lin Mian hesitated for a while, but didn’t dare to send a message to confirm it. She nestled into a ball on the comfortable sofa, and quietly flipped through the WeChat messages in front of her.

His avatar was a landscape picture taken casually, and looked like a high angle night view of a busy intersection filled with dense lines of neon light. She flipped through his profile, his signature was blank, and his circle of friends was also blank.

There was no trace of personal content at all. It was so low-key and introverted that it made people curious.

Looking at the monotone picture over and over several times, Lin Mian was finally willing to put down the phone. She smiled with crooked eyes, and floated to the kitchen to bring out the soup.

She remembered that she and Que Qingyan were only two stories apart, not only was she near the water tower, but she also got their WeChat account. She wanted to go downstairs and run laps to calm down again.

After eating, Lin Mian cleaned up the dishes and went to the study.

It was a study room rather than a studio converted from a study room. Half of Lin Mian's mànhuà was hand drawn and half was drawn digitally. Usually, she drew by hand when she was drafting characters and background manuscripts, but when it came to the formal drawing, she would be in the study.

She turned on the computer, checked her mailbox, and found that there were more emails from Xu Tong. She had sent over the written homework.

Previously, Xu Tong asked Lin Mian to help her mark her attendance for her International Economic Law class. There was no homework for this class, but a mid-term paper was arranged. Lin Mian mentioned it to Xu Tong when they were talking on the phone, and Xu Tong wrote it and sent it to her soon afterwards.

The paper was due next week.


The 40,000 word review was also due to be handed over to Que Qingyan.

"..." Suddenly felt her heart constrict.

She only talked to Xu Xiaotong about the paper. As for writing a review... she didn't mention a word.

She said she was helping with her attendance, but she was caught sleeping in class and wrote a 40,000 word review.

Lin Mian liked to boast that she had a thick face since she was a child, but now she suddenly felt a bit embarrassed.

She weighed the importance of the two things at hand, and felt from the bottom of her heart that the manuscript could be delayed for a while, so she should write the review first...

While drinking milk and thinking, the phone on her desk vibrated.

Lin Mian picked it up and only got as far as 'Hi' before Miss Bai's voice came out of the speaker, "Mianbao, I'll be checking in later. I'm boarding the plane at Saipan Airport. I'll be there tomorrow morning."

"My appearance fee is very expensive. You have to pay for the labour if I need to get up early to pick you up from the airport." Lin Mian licked the milk froth on her lips, tasting the sweetness on the tip of her tongue, and asked, "Aren't you still on your honeymoon?"

Miss Bai's full name was Bai Jiayi, the daughter of the Bai Family Group, who had been close to Lin Mian since childhood, and was the only friend who can keep close contact with Lin Mian after the Lin family had fallen.

Last month, Miss Bai married the son of the Shen Group. After getting married in City B, she flew out of the country for her honeymoon. Counting the time, Lin Mian originally thought she would come back next month.

Bai Jiayi didn't mind the question, "I spent my honeymoon with watermelon peel. Do you know what he has been doing these days?"

Lin Mian bit the edge of her glass, "What?"

The other party had been holding back her grievances for several days, and finally found an outlet. She poured out everything in a single breath, "If I go to a store to buy bags and try on shoes, he turns around and chats up the salesgirl, even if they're a foreign girl! If I took a little longer to try things on, maybe they would just come back after opening a room,

"And yesterday, when I went to the beach, this idiot kept looking at the beauties, and told me seriously that he was watching the sea, does he think I'd believe there's a huge ocean in their bikinis making waves?

"Before I got married, I asked to check his background. Others told me that he was friends with dogs, drinking and racing with women all day. I didn't believe it at the time. He was fine when he proposed to me. Now I finally know why he married. It turns out that before he got married, his parents were watching him like hawks. Now he's out of the country he's like a free-flying mentally retarded bird. I want to give him tears of sympathy, but he ruined my marriage, why do I have to apologise to him?"

Bai Jiayi had a temper, and the more she spoke the more angry she got, "I will die of anger if I stay on this honeymoon any longer. I'm afraid I can't help but beat him to death with my heels, so I'm coming home."

Lin Mian put down her cup of milk after listening, and said with a heavy tone, "Stop talking, I'll pick you up tomorrow morning." After speaking, she added softly, "No charge."

Bai Jiayi, "..."


The next day Lin Mian got up with her morning alarm and went to the airport to pick up the dusty Bai Jiayi.

Halfway through the honeymoon of this marriage, the newlyweds were angered back. This was definitely not known to their two families. Lin Mian took in the homeless Miss Bai, and the two entered the house one after the other.

Bai Jiayi put her heavy suitcase in the hallway, found a pair of slippers and shuffled into the living room, throwing herself into the soft sofa and sighing comfortably.

"I would never have left if I knew, Mianbao, it's more comfortable here than on a honeymoon." After lying down for a while, Bai Jiayi put a cushion behind her, sat up, and said solemnly, "I know, marriage kills people. I remember you said I must pursue my true love and not let the scumbags in."

"Hmm..." Lin Mian faintly responded.

Lin Mian got up early, her biological clock had not yet woken up. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and leaned on the sofa.

Her apricot eyes were reddish, so sleepy that they were shining with water, and her long black hair spread over her shoulders. She curled up into a small ball and was about to shrink into the corner of the sofa. Bai Jiayi glanced at Lin Mian, feeling a little envious in her heart.

The Lin family was defeated, and now the Lin family's parents were only Mother Lin.

Even though Mother Lin was a strong woman, she couldn't save it all with her own strength. The Lin family had fallen so badly that it had taken more than five years to climb back to its original height. Networking was the key to getting from the bottom of the valley to returning to glory. Under such circumstances, marriage was a good tool.

But Mother Lin had spoiled Lin Mian since she was a child, and she wasn't sure if it was out of love for her daughter, she never mentioned marriage.

Lin Mian was like a treasure that had been well cared for, its texture was clear and soft.

"By the way, Mianbao, there is a gift for you in the suitcase, the one in the pink box."

The pink gift box was palm-sized, with a velvet ribbon tied with a bow, the packaging was very delicate. Lin Mian opened, it was a Swiss couple's watch.

"...are you going to propose to me?" Lin Mian groaned for two seconds and raised her head. "But I already have a sweetheart. We have no relationship. I'm sorry, you're too good for me."

"You have a sweetheart?" Bai Jiayi ignored her extra play, grasped the key points precisely, and asked, "Who?"

Lin Mian closed the box and answered very bluntly, "I want to chase Que Qingyan."




Que Qingyan? Can there be any other Que Qingyan?  ?

Bai Jiayi touched Lin Mian's forehead with a stricken look, "My dear Mianbao, do you have a fever?"

She naturally knew who Que Qingyan was.

The upper-class circles of City B say that the world was neither as small as you thought, or as big as you thought. She had heard of the reputation of the young master of the Que family. He was a madman when he was a student, and now he was an elite in law. She couldn't guess how strong he was.

But the problem was...

"If he was only better bred than you--" Bai Jiayi calculated carefully, "or only four years older than you, but you only graduated from junior high school when he received his master's degree abroad! The physical age gap is not much, but the psychological age...it's too far...you two aren't compatible."

"It's not far, he's upstairs." Lin Mian found a comfortable sleeping position on the sofa, and with her long eyelashes down she closed her eyes for a moment and changed her words in a low voice, "...upstairs of upstairs."

This girl is a lot more childish than the protagonists I usually go for, but although she's silly, she knows what she wants.

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