07 - His air of abstinence was addictive
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07 - His air of abstinence was addictive

Regarding the fact that Que Qingyan happened to live in the same apartment with Lin Mian, Bai Jiayi spent dozens of minutes on the sofa digesting it.

Miss Bai then looked up at the white ceiling, her words were uncomfortable, "Why does he want to live here?"


Lin Mian went to the kitchen to peel some apples, cut them into small pieces and put them in a bowl, while she was cutting she said ambiguously, "Because it is so close to K... and what's so bad about living here?" She grumbled shamelessly in her heart, "He can see me if he lives here."

"...Mianbao," Bai Jiayi reminded her, "I can see what you’re thinking."

Lin Mian handed the bowl of fruit to Bai Jiayi, then went to the study to take her laptop out, and then nested into the sofa, "I finally got close to the water tower, it’s not like I’m the kind of person who isn’t moved by beauty."

Her tone was actually a little proud.

Bai Jiayi now really wanted to know how Que Qingyan would react when he heard someone call him a beauty. She looked at Lin Mian who was attentively typing on the keyboard, and couldn't help asking, "What are you doing?"

Lin Mian's expression immediately collapsed, "Writing a review."

Forty, thousand, words.


The last time Lin Mian wrote a review was the year after she graduated from her third year of junior high school. She wrote hundreds of words in her own eloquence. It was the first time that she had ever written 40,000 words.

She rushed through it over a few days and almost read every review model essay on the Internet. She gathered the best of a hundred families and merged the writing styles of elementary and middle school students. In the end, she pieced it all together into a review book with an incredibly strange writing style. After finishing, Lin Mian printed the manuscript into a book, holding the nearly forty-page review book she almost shed tears of joy.

"With your expression, people who didn't know better would think you were writing a love letter." Bai Jiayi put on a face mask next to her, "You’re so close, why not just go upstairs and give it to him? What maybe get a little something back by the way."

Her speech was very ambiguous.

Lin Mian's eyes were full of melancholy, "I also want to go upstairs and do something." According to her mànhuàs she should just knock on his door in a skimpy nightdress.

But she dare not.

And even though they lived in the same apartment building, she and Que Qingyan had never met again.

Don't think that she couldn't easily find him in the elevator. Even when she deliberately calculated the time he would get out of class and stayed in the garden downstairs she still failed to meet him. After all her efforts, it was only in class that she could meet him openly.

But from the first class to the present, the International Economic Law class had been crowded out, without exception.

This time, Lin Mian finally chose a window seat in the back row. The position was hidden but Que Qingyan’s voice could still be heard, it was ideal for sleeping.

She didn't go to sleep right away, but braced her head and fought hard, she didn't listen to the lecture, just watched him.

The man on the podium was analyzing an international commercial law case. The logic was clear, the content was detailed and his voice was cold. Sometimes students asked questions about the details and he could accurately elaborate on any particular law, he even remembered many of the dates of amendments to certain bills.

From time to time, there were whispered comments from girls in the back row, suppressing their excitement was almost unbearable.

From this distance, Lin Mian couldn't see Que Qingyan's expression clearly, so she could only guess his expression. This kind of blurry distance was the most vexing, as she could see the shirt collar clearly, but not the lines of his neck, and could see the outline of his sleeves, but not the distinct tendons under his skin...the more she looked at it, the more itchy her heart, even sleeping seemed dull.

Her regret almost brought her to tears.

She shouldn't have sat in the back row. At least she could see Que Qingyan when she sat at the front, it didn't matter if she accidentally fell asleep in front of him.

Lin Mian deeply believed that she was a woman of action. After repeatedly confirming that no one would pay attention to her corner, she took out her phone with a calm face, unlocked the screen, turned on the camera to shoot, and zoomed in with her fingertips.

On the screen of the mobile phone was the centre of the podium, magnified and clearly focused on Que Qingyan.

He was just answering the questions of the students in the front row, staring at each of them with his pitch-black and quiet eyes. Lin Mian watched for a moment, his eyes moved a little bit, slender eyebrows, low eyelashes, straight nose...refined facial features, like a character from a mànhuà.

Immediately afterwards, the man raised his eyes and scanned the front seats once, then paused, and cast his gaze to the back seats.

Hearing the girl behind her whispering softly, Lin Mian suddenly felt a guilty conscience. She was just about to put the phone away when she saw the man on the screen looking in her direction. She looked at Que Qingyan across the screen for two seconds and saw him clearly narrow his eyes slightly.

He saw her.

When he found her in the crowd, Lin Mian's heartbeat sounded like a drum, her mind was blank, and a scorching sensation kept running up from her toes. She held her breath slightly, not knowing how to react.

Suddenly, a white light flashed in front of her.

Now even the people in the front row turned around. Lin Mian looked down and found that she had pressed the camera button.

The flash……

She forgot to turn it off.



Lin Mian was flustered, wishing to jump out of the window and disappear completely.


"Law student, Xu Tong." Que Qingyan's voice sounded, unhurried, his meaning unknown, "Stay after class."


Coffee was brewing in the neat and bright office, faintly releasing a fragrant coffee aroma. A half-read case file was spread out on the mahogany wooden table, with a black pen resting beside it. Que Qingyan unscrewed the pen, and signed his name on the cover of the thesis.

"Thank you very much." Xu Zhu put away the paper, "I used the recommendation letter you gave me before, and the law firm agreed to give me a three-month internship period, and asked me to ask if you are free recently.  "

"I'm busy these days." Que Qingyan answered, his tone calm, "I still have a student here. Is there anything else?"

Xu Zhu said, "It's okay."

When passing by Lin Mian who was waiting, Xu Zhu paused, winked at her and asked with his lips, "Why are you here?"

Lin Mian also mouthed back, "You, care, too, much."

It was too embarrassing, she couldn't say it.

In fact, Lin Mian didn't mind coming to Que Qingyan's office for the second time.

So long as the premise was...she wasn't there to learn.

After Xu Zhu left, Lin Mian smoothly handed the mid-term paper and review to Que Qingyan, and said in a low voice, "Professor Que, this is my mid-term paper, and the previous review..."

Strictly speaking, the number of words in this review wasn't enough.

In the 40,000 word review, Lin Mian desperately put together 34,000, and the remaining 6,000 words were Shī Shuō copied ten times. On the last page, she also drew a lifelike anime villain and a little girl knelt on the ground with a regretful expression, and added a dialog box by hand.

Left Bubble: Regret and change the past.

Right Bubble: Put down the butcher knife, clean up your mind.

Side Text: Professor Que, I was really wrong.

"..." Que Qingyan flipped through the page numbers, then stopped at the last page, stared for a few seconds, and called her, "Xu Tong."

The review was so obvious that he must have seen it.

Lin Mian was anxious, "Ah?"

He pressed his forehead and asked, "Is my class so sleep inducing?"

This was not an interrogation, Que Qingyan's tone was flat, Lin Mian recalled it again and confirmed that it was an ordinary question.


In fact, she had only ever slept in his class. When she was in college, she never slept in other classes.

Of course Lin Mian was still afraid of death, and her desire for life stopped her, and she didn't dare to say this sentence.

She changed her words, "How about, I'll sign a guarantee for you. If I commit another crime, I'll..." After a moment of thought, she blurted out, "Lose hours of this course."

"No need." Que Qingyan closed the review book, glanced over Lin Mian, and said lightly, "There is no next time."

The penalty had been fined, and the review had been written. Small punishments and big warnings. He never believed in corporal punishment education, and his requirements for undergraduates were lower than those for masters and doctorate students. This time the 40,000 word review to penalise a sophomore was too serious.

Lin Mian's eyelashes trembled slightly, raising her eyes to look at Que Qingyan.

What did it mean there was no next time?

He wouldn't be angry anymore...

Lin Mian's expression at the moment was obedient and soft, her lower lip was bitten red, and her dark eyes were set against him, and the word 'uneasy' in capital letters was pasted on her entire face.

Que Qingyan had taught many students and fought many cases in court. Sometimes when his mood was cold, he did indeed seem to bully others. When he was in court, his words and sentences were at their sharpest. But so far, no one who knew him was as afraid of him as she was.

She was restrained and cowered, like a child, for fear of annoying him.

"I mean," He smiled, and turned against the light outside the window, with dim light in his eyes, "I'll forget it this time. But there is no next time, understand?"

The tone of this sentence was low and gentle, like a hand stroking the heart, holding the lifeline with strength, and her heart felt sour and soft.

From her point of view, she could see Que Qingyan's clear-cut chin and down his slender neck. The rest of him was hidden beneath his collar button. He put down the review, and the shirt drew a few folds over his muscles.

His air of abstinence was addictive, and he had a mature charm that was different from that of young boys.

The tips of Lin Mian's ears reddened at a speed visible to the naked eye, and she curled up her fingers, feeling that there was a string in her head that snapped and broke.

"Professor Que," She didn't want to look away and her mouth moved faster than her mind, "has anyone told you that you look good?"

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